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Living in Vista California &  Vista CA Homes For Sale

The Vista, CA real estate market has been relatively stable over the past year, with some fluctuations in home prices and sales volume. The average home price in Vista CA is currently around $600,000,  a slight increase from the previous year. The number of homes sold in Vista  has also increased slightly, with around 1,500 homes sold in the past year. Good news! If you are searching for a home or condo in Vista just got easier, I’ve made it super easy!  Click the button below to search homes in Vista by map and sign up for email alerts when prompted. I know Vista !


Most Popular Neighborhoods in Vista 

The top 10 neighborhoods in Vista that people like to live in include:

  • Shadowridge,
  • Rancho Del Oro,
  • Hovely Ranch
  • Buena Vista
  • Rancho Buena Vista
  • ,Alta Vista
  • Rancho Dorado,
  • Vista Valley Country Club,
  • Mission Hills,
  • and Vista Hermosa.


How’s The Real Estate Market in Vista? 

Breaking down the housing market in Vista by zip code, we can see some variation in home prices and sales volume across different areas of the city.

  • 92081: This zip code has an average home price of around $600,000, with around 300 homes sold in the past year.
  • 92083: In this zip code, the average home price is around $550,000, with around 250 homes sold in the past year.
  • 92084: The average home price in this zip code is around $650,000, with around 200 homes sold in the past year.

It’s important to note that these are rough estimates and the real estate market is constantly changing and highly local. Therefore it is important to consult a local expert, like myself,  when making decisions regarding buying or selling real estate.

Also, it’s worth to highlight that within California, Vista is considered a affordable city with a decent sized population. This could make Living in Vista a great option to look into when searching for a place to live or invest. The city has been growing in recent years and improving its infrastructure, which is making the area more appealing to families, young professionals and retirees alike.

It’s important to do further research and talk with a local realtor for more detailed, accurate and up-to-date information on the real estate market in Vista and specific neighborhoods or zip codes that you may be interested in.